International environmental award for Marjan Minnesma of Urgenda

Marjan Minnesma of the climate organization Urgenda is the first Dutch winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize. This important prize for nature protection and climate is awarded annually. An amount of almost 190,000 euros is involved.

Minnesma receives the prize for winning the controversial Climate Case. Urgenda was able to enforce through the courts that the Dutch State must do much more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A decision of the Supreme Court, in 2019finalized this obligation.

“The Climate Case has given many hope again and has led to dozens of similar climate cases being started worldwide,” Minnesma said to the organization of the prize. “The Netherlands will have achieved the 25% reduction of greenhouse gases in 2020 and must now accelerate to achieve its own target of 60% CO2 reduction by 2030. The cabinet is not yet on track for this, so we will continue to emphasize this and propose solutions to to get there.”

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