Interim manager: We are paid as top directors, but companies do not brag about us

Your first company was established in the crisis year of 2009, this year after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic you founded the second one. Is it worth taking advantage of the recession?

Crises create new opportunities that we would not get under standard situations. The first company was a consulting company, but very soon it was transformed into interim management and has completed a hundred successful projects.

When you started offering interim management services, did your clients change?

In previous years, we analyzed the situation in companies and proposed corrective measures. Someone gets stuck in business and needs to change financing, business, marketing, technical management or human resources. Another, on the other hand, is successful but does not know how to expand. Now we not only advise, but we also work out the necessary steps. We bear full responsibility for bringing them to an end. This can be the setting up of a new business or marketing strategy, as well as the establishment of foreign branches. It is about starting a company so that its growth is based on solid foundations.

Is there a difference between a crisis manager and an interim manager?

The first comes when there is a really fundamental problem that threatens corporate integrity and economic stability. For example, a company is dependent on one export territory to lose. In contrast, the task of the interim manager is the so-called change management. This includes introducing new management procedures and methods or replacing a retired manager from the organization until a new parent arrives.

Will you tell us how much you and your colleagues earn?

We are very well paid at the level of the top manager of a large corporation. Depending on the size of the company and the complexity of the task, the interim manager’s remuneration can be thousands or tens of thousands of crowns a day, but he usually has to pay his own costs, even those for his team. In addition, it is not a labor cost for clients, we are their investment. It is not difficult to calculate how much a company will save by hiring a professional with the required know-how. The result of his work can be a reduction in costs or an increase in sales in the tens of percent.

What is the biggest interest?

They clearly lead the revisions of marketing and business strategies. It accounts for about eighty percent of demand. Companies mainly want to know how their competitors stand and whether they should offer customers other products and services. So now we provide the most marketing and sales directors. Before the coronary crisis, there was more interest in executive and personnel directors. And there is still interest, whether the crisis is or is not, in the technical director.

Given the effects of the lockdown economy, do you now have a lot of orders from automotive or tourism?

We are mainly approached by those who fall for business, regardless of the field. Currently, some are considering reducing costs to a minimum and waiting for the virus to spread. Now I have a customer who is thinking about a completely different line of business. Others want us to open branches in Slovakia, Hungary or Poland. The market, companies and their requirements are very individual.

If you were approached by a business owner who trades in China, what would you recommend? I also ask because the country threatens the Czech Republic with sanctions after the recent visit of Senator Vystrčil in Taiwan.

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