Interfaith marriage, Shaheer Sheikh and wife finally have their first child


You still remember the handsome actor Shaheer Sheikh. This man from India who is popular in the country has just become a father, you know.

Shaheer Sheikh’s wife, Ruchikaa Kapoor just gave birth to their first child on Friday (10/9/21) in India. Quotes The Indian Express, the couple who married in November 2020 are blessed with a daughter.

Shaheer and Ruchikaa have yet to make an official statement regarding the birth of their child. However, photos of baby shower their child has been widely circulated on social media after friends and fans uploaded it. At the event, several well-known actors such as Krystle D’Souza and Riddhi Dogra were present.

On August 25, Ruchikaa had time to upload the fun baby shower it’s in the account Instagram hers, Mother. Shaheer and Ruchikaa are seen sitting side by side and looking at each other. Ruchikaa looks beautiful with a purple dress covering baby bump-nya.

“Always come late to parties … even at your own party. So I can only share this now. Thank you so much to family & friends who made this happen,” wrote Ruchikaa, quoted from Instagram @ruchikaakapoor, Minggu (12/9/21).

Shaheer and Ruchikaa are actually planning to have a big celebration in June this year. However, their plan failed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation which had been in the spotlight in India. The couple finally held a baby shower in private and only close friends attended.

Before marrying Ruchikaa Kapoor, Shaheer Sheikh had a career in Indonesia. The man who was once rumored to be close to Ayu Ting Ting | this is known for his acting in Indian soap operas Mahabharata.

After returning to his country, Shaheer has a love affair with Ruchikaa Kapoor. She is an actress as well as senior vice president and creative producer at Balaji Productions.

The relationship between the two couples was caught in the media in 2018. Media Indian Express It’s the first time to publish about their relationship, Mother.

Then how can their love story end on the aisle? Reportedly, the couple got married even though they were of different religions. Read the next page.

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