Intercontinental missile from North Korea – VG

MORE FREAKING: Dictator Kim Jong-Un observes one of North Korea’s many launches this year.

An ICBM is said to have flown 760 kilometers from the dictator state.


North Korea launched new missiles last night that went east, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, citing military sources. The Japanese coast guard also reports a new missile launch, Reuters writes.

The Norwegian newspaper writes that these are three missiles launched by North Korea.

One was likely a long-range missile and two short-range missiles. The sources are the South Korean military.

According to Yonhap, the long-range ICBM was launched from Sunan near the North Korean capital Pyongyang and flew 760 kilometers. The launch was not yet to be successful, a South Korean military source told the news agency.

This is the seventh time since May that North Korea has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, the ICBM.

The US State Department condemned the launch.

– The launch is a clear violation of a number of UN Security Council resolutions and shows the threats North Korea’s illegal weapons of mass destruction pose to the country’s neighbors, the region, peace and security and the global non-proliferation regime, says spokesman Ned Price.

Japanese authorities issued evacuation warnings for three regions, Yamagata, Miyagi and Niigata after the first missile. The population was asked to stay indoors.

Japanese authorities reported that the first missile passed through Japanese territory. The authorities have since reverted to this.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida said at a press conference that procedures are being followed to find out how he was misinformed.

He says the launches “absolutely cannot be excused”.

The night before Wednesday shot Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship many missiles, which are said to have landed near the Korean mainland

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