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Actually, Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky) presented their professional career somewhat differently. But when she messes with the wrong people and wants to report abuse, her career is over. Instead, she lands at a nuclear missile intercept facility located in the middle of the Pacific. A pretty quiet job, usually. But when a similar station in Alaska is hijacked and becomes inoperable, Collins and the rest of her team provide the last bastion should anyone attack the United States. And this worst-case scenario occurs when suddenly Alexander Kessel (Luke Bracey) shows up, a former US military agent. Because he’s got a devilish plan…

Too little and weak

Recently it became apparent that Netflixmodel is slowly reaching its limits, the rapid growth in subscribers has stopped for now. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about how things can continue in the future and what options there are for the streaming service to get out of this crisis. Should he focus on big, popular titles? Does the solution to the riddle lie in a stronger focus on quality instead of constantly throwing something new onto the market? Is the binge model obsolete? While we’re still waiting for a long-term answer, it’s quite sobering to see what the current offering looks like. There was no weekend movie last week. This week, after all the Pentecost weekend, where more people have time to watch, stands with me Interceptor just one movie. And one could easily have done without it.

Nobody needs to hope for celebrity here. Admittedly, it turns out to be effective in advertising Chris Hemsworth in the credits, it’s also enough for a small guest appearance. But that’s primarily because he’s serving as an executive producer to help out his wife, Elsa Pataky, who is in Interceptor took the leading role. If you don’t know the Spanish model and actress and always wanted to know who snagged the coveted Hollywood star from Australia, you can do so here. However, it is almost impossible that she will achieve a status similar to that of her husband. Because where he stands out in his films through humor and charisma, Pataky remains completely pale. While it shows commitment in the action scenes, the impression in the quieter moments is not necessarily positive.

A screenplay for the bin

Although it’s not always clear whether this is due to a lack of talent on her part or whether the script is to blame. After all, the dialogues are written so awkwardly that even acting heavyweights would have their problems portraying it credibly in any way. This is also shocking because it is Interceptor about a movie by Matthew Reilly acts. He is actually a novelist and has written numerous action thriller books, this is where he makes his directorial debut. In no way does he advertise his literary oeuvre. On the contrary: if a screenplay that is not necessarily wordy overwhelms him so much, it can be very scary to see what a complete book by him will look like.

You have to give him credit for the fact that he shared the Stuart Beattie (Collateral) script he wrote tried to offer something to the audience. The fact that a few men and women are the last bastion against an impending nuclear strike is heavy stuff – especially against the background of the Ukraine war, which is always accompanied by such threats. Also try yourself Interceptor on social issues like #MeToo. The two men don’t really have much to say about it. Actually, this subplot only serves to characterize the main character, who in this way is intended to be described as particularly upright and moral. This is always good, even if the story isn’t related to the plot.

Unintentionally funny

In fact, nothing is thought through here. Rather, the film is a combination of absurdity and bullshit. The whole thing could easily have been designed as a comedy, especially since the villain Alexander is a nasty caricature. Unfortunately, this was meant seriously here. That could be overlooked if the action scenes were good enough. But even in that regard Interceptor rather weak on the chest. Unlike her husband’s green-screen adventures, Elsa Pataky has some seriously physical appearances in the action thriller. Basically, it could have worked with her. It was of no use. The very different genre attempt is neither suitable to advance the career of the leading actress nor to give new impetus to Netflix’s ailing business.


OT: „Interceptor“
Land: USA
Year: 2022
Director: Matthew Reilly
Script: Matthew Reilly, Stuart Beattie
Music: Michael Lira
Camera: Ross Emery
Occupation: Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane, Mayen Mehta, Rhys Muldoon, Belinda Jombwe

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