Interactive thriller game “Erica” ​​on iOS, experience PS exclusive works at copper price | 4Gamers

The interactive thriller game “Erica” ​​developed by Flavourworks will be launched on the iOS platform today (15). From now on, players can also experience this previous PS4 exclusive work.

“Erica” ​​is an exclusive work released on PS4 in August 2019. Actress Holly Earl plays the heroine Erica. The game is a live-action interactive movie. Players need to piece together the truth about the death of his father in the story, and your decision will influence Erica’s behavior and ultimate fate.

When “Erica” ​​was launched on PS4, the “Touch Video” technology was used, that is, the operation of moving objects and so on by directing commands to the live-action movie, and supporting “Play Link” to play with mobile phones. The current mobile version also inherits the direct use of clicking, sliding and other methods to move items and advance the plot.

The iOS version is now free to download, but it will cost $2.99 ​​(about NT$90) to unlock all the game content. The only pity is that this game does not support Chinese.


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