Inter, not just smiles. Sanchez’s anger via social media: ‘Sometimes proving you’re the best is an insult’ | First page

Alexis Sanchez expected to play the starter, indeed, he is almost convinced. Against Bologna, Antonio Conte relied on the starting pair of attackers, the one made up of Lukaku and Lautaro. Four days after that match, and the same number from Sunday’s match against Cagliari, the Chilean striker hoped to be able to take the field from the first minute at least in the midweek match against Sassuolo. Instead, the Salento coach reserved just 13 minutes plus recovery, which evidently weren’t enough to satisfy the former Barcelona and Arsenal’s desire for the field.

THE PRAISE OF COUNT – Conte must have perceived the annoyance, so much so that at the end of the matches the Inter coach wanted to highlight the importance of Sanchez in his squad in front of the cameras: “I would have liked to use him more but you can also see Lukaku’s performances. and Lautaro. I can say that Inter have a great attack, guys who don’t just play for the goal but for the team. Sanchez has different characteristics, he is one more to assist than the other two, but with three of them in attack we are in good shape and Sanchez is a great alternative ”.

THE VENT – A caress, which however served up to a certain point, because Sanchez eventually vented some of his bitterness on social media with this post: “In this race they wanted to find out if the greyhounds were faster than the cheetah. But the cheetah didn’t move and stayed in the same place, people wondered what was happening. The answer is that sometimes trying to prove that you are the best is an insult ”. A composed protest, which however helps to understand the mood of the player, who would like a little more confidence. For his part, Antonio Conte has a tried and tested couple in front of him, who at this moment appears particularly inspired. On Sunday at 12.30 there will be Cagliari, we will understand if the Nerazzurri coach will welcome Sanchez’s outburst or if instead the Chilean will have to swallow more bitterness.

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