Inter loses the bandwagon derby

Yes it’s true: Kolarov did damage in defense, Brozovic was irritating, Conte always plays three-handed, Eriksen entered listlessly, the referee did not send Kessie off and flew over two fouls to Lautaro and Lukaku and the offside revised at var leaves more than a doubt.

Yes, Inter missed at least four sensational scoring chances and on the occasion of the penalty it also went badly because Handanovic had saved him.

And yes, the decision to give Godin and take Kolarov is quite perplexing.

These are considerations that in an ordinary derby could also have a value but we are talking about a derby played against all logic, because the championship cannot be postponed, distorting the balance of power.

Inter ended last season on 21 August. The team rested a little less than two weeks, had to necessarily start the retreat last, managing to collect the misery of two friendlies.

The club created an intense market in which it was not possible to sell all the players out of the project (and by force reintroducing Perisic and Nainggolan).

After the break Conte lost six players to Covid-19, plus one comically disqualified at the Olimpico, for a simulation of a player from Lazio, 16 players who left for the indispensable Nations League and the whole team group in self-isolation as per protocol.

The players who played against Milan have never trained as a group in the last ten days. A part in quarantine, training at home and no preparation for such an important match, with the exception of the finish on Friday, the first day in which Conte saw the whole team.

Sanchez was able to play only 10 minutes, because Vecino returned battered, the only possible change in midfield still injured, on the bench all Primavera plus Ranocchia, Darmian and Eriksen

With these premises, we insist on talking about derby and balance of power that were almost unchanged, with a belief without logic that put Milan at the level of a local team and Inter a battleship that even if in such absurd conditions could still to win.

In the same week, the direct rival achieved a 3-0 at the table without taking the field, a game that could have ended in several ways.

In this regard, we have spent years being told “cardboard shield” with moralisms on ethics and sporting principles but Juventus that respects the regulations by displaying two badges removed and accepts the sentences by making 38 (thirty-eight) appeals for 14 years to get back the scudetti, the “cardboard” victory was taken as per regulation.

Just to clarify how much marketing and how much politics, what Inter insists masochistically not to do, lies behind the logic of the rhetoric between the club and the fans who are enchanted.

Returning to the derby, it started badly, because when players return two days before a game they don’t have the mental and physical energy to have the same concentration. After taking the second goal, Inter are back in the game with the generous Lukaku, and a sumptuous performance by Barella. The team was in imbalances but didn’t deserve to lose.

In the second half the absence of changes did not allow to restore clarity and donate new weapons. They gave all they could but this is not a normal condition, which is why I consider it the derby of a bandwagon that must go on, squeezing the players by making them play as many games as possible so as not to lose the little money they run, milking the fans by telling them a sweetened reality and focusing on unchanged technical evaluations, as if nothing was happening.

The bandwagon must go on, God forbid, but the logic according to which this derby and other situations must be judged while keeping the script unchanged, is demeaning.

At the end of the game, Conte returned to playing the role of the professional who doesn’t get too excited. After the summer he chose to stay playing a new character, almost detached, showing the Manichean soul, devoid of half measures in his communication.
What we must hope is that that passionate element will pass it on to the team over the course of the season.

Wednesday is Borussia Mönchengladbach, several players will return and the unfortunate mistake of playing as with Slavia Prague at San Siro in the opening match should not be made.

The Championship can still be recovered, in the Champions League if you make a mistake like that, you pay for it.


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