Inter, Kolarov disaster, is Godin already a regret? And for Conte it is defense alarm | First page

Three minutes. That was enough for Ibrahimovic to light up and decide yesterday’s derby. That was enough for Aleksandar Kolarov to deserve a shower of 4 in the report card. Heavy, very heavy, the mistakes of the Serbian defender, naive on the occasion of the foul that brings Ibra to the spot, distracted and seriously out of position on the occasion of Leao’s cross that gives the Swede the 2-0.

CONFUSED – A double disaster that significantly affects the result. The shortcomings of the former Rome in the defensive phase have clearly emerged, his presence in the area appeared clumsy and in the three defense he repeatedly lost the compass, redeeming himself only partially in the other phase, with the passage for the assist of Perisic.

DEFENSE ALARM. AND GODIN … – Now, for Conte, it’s defense alarm. In fact, Inter have conceded goals in each of the four league games played. As many as 8 goals collected, from 3 on his debut with Fiorentina to 2 yesterday, passing through 2 from Benevento and Milinkovic’s goal in Rome. Too many, definitely too many for a team that last year, in 38 matches, had finished with just 36 goals conceded (best defense in the league). For Conte there is work to be done, starting from the bottom. And there are those who today, looking back, regret the farewell of Diego Godin, paid to leave …

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