Inter-Juventus, Massimo Moratti unleashed: what a trip to Bonucci!

He is no longer president of theInter, ma Massimo Moratti remains a great fan of the Nerazzurri. Interviewed by Corriere dello Sport, Moratti he did not hide the tension in view of the match on Sunday evening: “Inter-Juve? For us Inter fans it’s the game, it causes suffering, it made me stay awake at night. You think about it all the time in the week before it. As emotionality and as sympathy. Differences between Conte e Inzaghi? L’Inter solid from a year ago was used to win the championship after a long time and also gave satisfaction with the character. From a footballing point of view, this is more fun, also because there are players of greater class. And the fact that we don’t already know how it will end gives us extra emotions… ”.

A match against the Juventus unforgettable for theInter it is certainly that of ’98, with the contact between Ronaldo e Juliano which has sparked endless controversy. For Moratti an episode that goes beyond slow motion on the pitch: “It would have been the same, because behind the Var there would have been people who thought the same way. That match spoiled the relationship between the two clubs ”.

In the end, Moratti he went back in time telling about the purchase of the club and some protagonists of the Nerazzurri history: “I liked to think about how it could have been. Take theInter it wasn’t even among the intentions then. How would I do, who would I sell, who would I buy, I replied. Selling wasn’t very good for me (laughs), though Ronaldo e Ibrahimovic they were big operations, real investments. Ronaldo of ’98 cannot be described with human accents, he was kissed by God. Ibra he was the boss, he also gave excellent advice. Even today, at forty, he doesn’t seem to have changed. Mourinho? I still feel it, he’s doing well for Roma. I took it because it reminded me Herrera, I was amused by the fact that, like the Magician, he was different, provocative, very skilled in communicating, very intelligent ”.

At the Gazzetta dello Sport instead, Moratti wanted to answer Bonucci. For the Juventus defender, theInter won the Scudetto last season for demerits of the Juventus, but the former Nerazzurri president is not there: “Bonucci could add for ‘notable’ demerits of the you. This was better for him. Then I don’t understand this exit. A championship wins the strongest team and last year theInter it was clearly stronger than the you. If not, everyone starts talking about their league titles lost by demerit, we won’t finish it anymore ”.




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