Inter-Benfica: Dominant Performance Earns Inter Three Points – Player Ratings

Inter-Benfica: Dominant Performance Earns Inter Three Points – Player Ratings

Inter-Benfica report cards

Inter started slowly, then grew to indisputably dominate Benfica but made a lot of mistakes: in the end, however, they got three points thanks to a goal from Thuram who was increasingly the protagonist. READ the match report HERE

Sommer: 6,5

He extends his big hand to deflect Aursnes’ shot, trains his reflexes on Bernat (who was also offside). He does what he has to do, he transmits confidence to his teammates.

Pavard: 7

Benji the Inter player brings the fans to their feet with the way he pounces on his opponents, elegant but relentless. Also precise in setting. An added value.

Unripe: 6

Only one carelessness, on the throw-in that launches Aursnes towards the goal. It could have been expensive. Then he takes the chair and leads the line as a professor.

Sticks: 6.5

The air of San Siro is good for him. He finds serenity after the mistake in San Sebastian, when he serves he has no qualms about using strong methods.

Dumfries: 7

He is in a moment of excessive physical power. He goes wide on the wing, comes close to scoring twice but is not very precise, finds his aim again to provide the decisive assist to Thuram. A tractor.

Stretcher: 6.5

He powers Inter with his electricity. His was the Nerazzurri’s first real shot on target, and he gave Dumfries the cue which led to the goal. Always helpful.

Calhanoglu: 7

The sliding recovery on Di Maria, despite being offside, photographs his game. Indispensable in both phases, a true leader.

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Mkhitaryan: 7

A few too many mistakes at the beginning, then it reappears in its sparkling version. It rises like a tide, slow yet inexorable. Precious.

Dimarco: 6,5

He has a delicate task, managing Di Maria. He ends up making him feel old. And in the second half he transforms into an added attacker.

Lautaro Martinez: 7

How many goals could he score? A crossbar, a post, three miracles from Trubin and one from Otamendi. Not very cynical, but also very unfortunate. He is a constant threat, always dangerous.

Thuram: 7.5

Lukaku who? First the derby, now the Champions League night with Benfica. Cold as ice in the three-point shot, and then he finishes, invents, presses. San Siro holds its breath when he stops, it is at his feet. Demonic.

Sanchez: 6

He loses a bad ball, he makes up for it by banging himself like a damned man.

Darmian: 6

Enter with the right face. A warranty.

Inzaghi: 7

It’s impressive how his Inter changes pace in the first twenty minutes of the second half. He puts Benfica on the ropes, controls the game, substitutions, result. He never makes mistakes in these matches.

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