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Inter, Ausilio: “Goodbye Lukaku, we didn’t expect it: we did well”

In a long interview granted to Sky Sport microphones, Piero Ausilio spoke about the past and future Inter market. The Nerazzurri manager returned to Lukaku’s farewell, arrived at the will of the player and completely unexpectedly, and focused on the moves that led Dzeko and Correa to wear the Inter shirt. There is also space for the renewal theme: new agreements with some of the players in the squad will soon follow that of Lautaro Martinez. Right away the words of Ausilio.

Ausilio: “Lukaku away, we didn’t expect it”

These the words of Ausilio: “Zhang management began in 2013 and has been growing ever since, with the choice of players and coaches. In the summer we looked at each other, it wasn’t a miracle, nothing was taken for granted. The disorientation came when Lukaku told us he wanted to leave, we didn’t expect it. The sacrifice was Hakimi. Losing Conte, Hakimi, Eriksen and Lukaku could have killed anyone. Not us: we chose the right players, Dzeko and Correa. We never lost heart we looked at each other and despite losing important people we managed to climb a mountain that seemed impossible to climb“.

On stability

On stability: “From an economic point of view we want to make stability and continuity our certainty, we must last over time. Here salaries are paid on a regular basis. We can’t think of just buying the players, we have to compensate and keep the quality high“.

About renewals

About renewals: “We have completed three important renewals, Barella Lautaro and Bastoni, it was right to recognize an award to these guys and their growth. We are discussing with Dimarco, Brozovic, soon with Perisic and Handanovic. For Dimarco there is little, the will has been expressed“.

On the January market

On the January market: “The team is strong like this. It is competitive, I can only think about it if some players want to find more opportunities. To date, the number we have is perfect and we are complete in every department. The January market is not a market we are thinking about. On Thuram I can confirm, we are working on him, but for next year. Lukaku? I would take him back on loan to Inter“.

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