Intel’s 21st law says the details of outsourcing foundry are expected to affect TSMC’s sports performance | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Foundry leader TSMC (2330-TW) Law said it will substantially increase capital expenditures this year, and foreign investment is also expected to prepare for Intel’s outsourcing capacity, while Intel (INTC-US) A legal talk will be held on the 21st, US time. At that time, the chip outsourcing production plan and related details are expected to become clear, which will also affect the future performance of TSMC.

TSMC’s law stated that the meeting raised capital expenditures to 25-28 billion yuan, which aroused market surprises and raised concerns about whether Intel’s outsourcing OEM orders were one of the reasons for the significant increase in TSMC’s capital expenditures. TSMC did not respond positively to this, and only emphasized that the increase in capital expenditures is in response to applications such as 5G and high-performance computing, to grasp the market’s strong demand for advanced manufacturing processes, and to support customer capacity requirements.

Foreign investors pointed out that although TSMC has not responded positively to whether it has received Intel orders, it may have increased capital expenditures significantly because of Intel; based on the increase in capital expenditures, TSMC’s 3nm production capacity is expected to reach 80,000 to 100,000 in 2023. , Will be able to simultaneously meet the needs of potential customers such as Intel, Apple, Supermicro and MediaTek.

Foreign investment also believes that in recent years Intel has proposed 15 billionUSDIf Intel outsources 50% of its CPU orders to OEMs by 2025, TSMC must increase it by 7 to 8 billion in 5 yearsUSDCapital expenditures, the camp movement will be stronger.

Intel CEO Bob Swan has promised investors that when the company’s financial report is announced on January 21, it will announce its outsourcing plan. However, Intel announced on Wednesday (13th) that the current CEO Bob Swan will step down on February 15. Pat Gelsinger, who has technical engineering expertise, will take over.

Under the replacement of the CEO, the industry was originally worried that Intel’s outsourcing orders might have variables, but after TSMC’s recent increase in capital expenditures at the law conference, it triggered the market’s Lenovo to obtain a large Intel outsourcing order and eased the outside world. doubt.

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