Intel confirms: 11th generation ‘Rocket Lake’ Core Desktop CPUs arrive in Q1 2021

Through a post su Medium signed by John Bonini, VP and GM of the Client Computing Group for Desktop, Workstations and Gaming, Intel has confirmed the rumors of the last few hours: the 11th generation Core CPUs, code name Rocket Lake, they will come in the first quarter of 2021 and “will offer support to PCI Express 4.0. This will be another great gaming processor and we will reveal more details in the near future. There are many more things to come, so stay tuned! “.

Bonini does not indicate the month of debut in the specifications (it is rumored March) and does not reveal more details, but based on known information the Rocket Lake CPUs will be compatible with current 400 series motherboards equipped with LGA 1200 socket, and although produced again with the 14 nanometer manufacturing process, they will be distinguished by a totally renewed architecture, rumor has it a re-adaptation of Willow Cove cores identified by the code name Cypress Cove and a GPU based on Xe architecture.

Intel will therefore carry the foundations of Tiger Lake in the desktop environment, with predictable performance improvements, although probably less marked due to the readjustment to the old production process. Rocket Lake CPUs plugged into those 400 series motherboards whose manufacturers have advertised PCIe 4.0 support will allow you to use a PCIe 4.0 SSD through direct connection to the CPU, but a family of 500 series motherboards will also arrive (Z590, H570, B560, H510 and W580) with PCIe 4.0 support also extended to the video card.

Regarding the range of CPUs, there is no precise information at the moment, but it seems that the offer will stop at 8 cores and 16 threads with a TDP of 125W, compared to the current 10th generation Cores characterized by a maximum of 10 core and 20 threads.

The official post arrives within hours of both the leak and the announcement of AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs based on Zen 3 architecture, expected tomorrow at 18:00.


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