Insurance Woes: ERGO Fails to Provide Adequate Reimbursement and Leaves Customers in Lurch

ERGO trouble and no end …

BILD reported on pensioner Wolfgang, who had been waiting for months for ERGO to reimburse him for a 400-euro ambulance ride.

And BILD reader Katrin Preuße (45, employee) from Pinneberg (Schleswig-Holstein) was also a victim of the ERGO processing backlog. The mother of two sailed north with her family on the AIDA in July 2022. It was the first family vacation after Corona.

The world was still fine: Katrin Preuße with daughter Mia (14) and husband Maik (47) on vacation

Photo: private

On day 11, Katrin got terrible abdominal pains, first had to see the ship’s doctors, then to the hospital in Skagen (Denmark).

Katrin to BILD: “I had an acute inflammation of the colon.” The entire family broke off the trip and went home. Immediately afterwards, the Holsteiner submitted the relevant documents to ERGO. Nothing happened.

Now Prussia turned to “BILD is fighting for you!”: “I’ve had enough. Seven months is a long time and we need the money.”

BILD contacted the insurance company, who admitted sheepishly: “We very much regret that it took so long to process Katrin Preuße’s claims! We can only apologize for that. The costs incurred will now be transferred!”

CONCLUSION: Katrin has now received almost 1600 euros. Reimbursement for the missed travel days will follow.

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