Insurance Contract Management: Streamlining Operations through Partnerships and Expert Support

Insurance Contract Management: Streamlining Operations through Partnerships and Expert Support

Insurance contract management is a complex supervision process that requires significant human and financial resources. Many insurers, mutual societies and provident institutions call on external organizations to delegate all or part of the management actions (subscriptions, contributions, claims, etc.).

Engaging in a management delegation strategy is a major project that requires expert support, high-performance digital tools and personalized monitoring for successful customer relationship management.

With Henner Solutions Partnershipsyou benefit from dual expertise to the management and development of your health and welfare portfolios:

  • That of a specialist in management delegation on behalf of third parties, who has been supporting numerous partners for more than 20 years.
  • That of a global partner who offers secure and compartmentalized support, across the entire value chain of your commercial development.


Henner Solutions Partenariats offers, in a white label and entirely personalized manner, the tools and human resources to support the commercial development of its partners.

They intervene pre-sales, to support the commercial networks in assistance with subscription, or during the life of the contract for all questions relating to the commercial monitoring of the customer (endorsement, indexation, etc.).

They can also complement the partner’s commercial system, with targeted marketing actions (retention strategy, cross sell, etc.).

Our teams are located in France, trained in current regulatory constraints and experts in social protection.

The support includes the provision of a sales support tool (OAV), which is customizable to the partner’s offers. The OAV is fully digitalized and interfaced with our management tools. It allows sales teams to have total autonomy over a sales process (from quote to subscription). All features are also available and developed in API.

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Setting up a partnership is a crucial step because it is often carried out within very tight deadlines. It requires a well-established organization to secure the project.

To successfully complete this stage, the Henner Solutions Partenariats organization mainly relies on:

  • The Operations Department, in charge of the management teams and which ensures the recruitment and training of staff.
  • The IT Systems Department, in charge of implementing IT projects and setting up digital tools (sales support tools, HR area, insured area, etc.).
  • All expert departments (legal, actuarial, compliance, etc.)

The coordination of the project is entrusted to a single contact, who ensures and manages the fulfillment of commitments by all stakeholders, from the framing phase, to the final onboarding of policyholders.


When the partnership is operationally launched, we put in place personalized support. An account manager personally looks after each partner and is their preferred point of contact. He manages the partnership comitology with a 360° vision of the subjects:

  • Monitoring committee with those responsible for management for monitoring management indicators.
  • Operational committee for monitoring projects and developments…

« Our strength is our ability to adapt: ​​we continually adapt to the needs of our partners and regulatory developments. We also attach great importance to user interfaces and are constantly evolving our digital tools for a successful experience. »

Testimony from Marielle Delaunay, director of Henner Solutions Partenariats

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