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Concrete instead of green – the construction boom is the hottest topic in the election campaign. In our confrontation, top candidates agree on redevelopment funding for old vacancies.

from Bernd Hecke | 8:56 p.m., September 14, 2021


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The confrontation before the Graz election
The confrontation before the Graz election © KLZ / Nadja Fuchs

A block with a dozen apartments sits enthroned where an old suburban villa stood, and towers grow on fields. In the recent heavy rain, roads turned into streams. In the era of negative interest rates, investors in Graz are also looking for their salvation in concrete gold. A city that has been from 2001 until today 230,000 to 300,000 inhabitants exploded is, offers fertile ground for it. But for a long time Graz has the construction, compression, sealing, fed up with vacancies and still high housing costs. The municipal council election is due on September 26th. This is the stuff an election campaign hit is made of – one of the biggest building sites in city politics.


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