Installed on billions of smartphones: You should uninstall these harmful camera apps

Of the 30 apps examined – a detailed list can be found below – 16 come from China. The particularly negative candidates of the test asked the user for more rights than they would actually need, send user data to the manufacturer or switch on the camera without being asked, although it was forbidden by the user. These are not unknown apps either. The top manufacturer “Meitu”, which is behind several iOS and Android applications, has more than 300 million apps installed.

Cybernews experts estimate that these 30 malicious appswhich may include malware, among other things, more than 1.39 billion times have been installed on smartphones. A number that is difficult to verify purely via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Nevertheless, the apps could still be dormant on many devices and cause damage in the background.

If you have one of the apps on your phone, you should better uninstall it and look for an alternative:

In the best case, you can then scan your device with a virus scanner. You can find the appropriate software for this under the following downloads.

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