Install PLTS Roof, When Can Customers Get Free of PLN Electricity?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The government is now intensifying the installation of Solar Power Plants (PLTS) as an effort to pursue a new and renewable energy mix target of 23% by 2025.

PLTS is considered to be able to accelerate the EBT mix because the installation process is fast and easy compared to other types of EBT generators. Household consumers can also contribute by installing the PLTS Roof.

However, the question is whether customers who install PLTS Roof can be free from PLN electricity? When will this customer be free from buying and selling electricity with PLN?

PLN Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology Zainal Arifin said that based on the study, customers can be completely free from the PLN electricity network if the price of Rooftop PLTS electricity and the battery can be 10% cheaper than PLN’s Electricity Supply Cost (BPP), to be precise when the electricity tariff is from this PLTS Roof can reach around IDR 1,103 per kWh, cheaper than PLN’s electricity tariff of IDR 1,467 per kWh.

“When do you think the customer can totally independent? The result (study) is that when PV Rooftop 10% will be cheaper, it is likely in 2031, “he said in an online discussion, Thursday (20/05/2021).

He said, until 2031 customers will still be connected to the PLN network because according to him the battery network does not yet exist and is not yet feasible.

“There is still time for PLN, before 2031 PLN customers will still be connect to the PLN network because PV Battery not yet feasible. 2031 can independentThis is our challenge because all PV business models are positive, “he said.

He admitted that in the future the use of PLTS will greatly affect electric utilities.

He explained, based on B & V’s survey results, out of 206 world electricity companies, 71.7% said that PLTS was the most influential. Followed by the battery energy storage area (battery storage) with a percentage of 32.3%.

“This is a choice that likes it or not that will be faced and overcome. At the level practical destructive happens on a significant scale, “he said.

Zainal explained that he had sent several people from PLN to find out what impact the Roof PLTS had on PLN’s business. One of them answered that the PLTS Roof installation with three business schemes resulted in a positive Net Present Value (NPV).

“That means, will return on investment and feasible economically, “he said.

According to him, EBT is a necessity, PLN is also committed to encouraging the new renewable energy mix of 23% by 2025. The current capacity of PLN’s EBT is 12.6% of the total existing power plants.

“We are committed towards carbon neutral. You have to look for the momentum of 300 Tera Watt hour (TWh) of production and there is still a majority of the 35 GW generator load fossil fuel, “he said.

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