Instagram will offer teens to take a break: other news to come

The idea of ​​Instagram, finally abandoned afterwards, to develop a social platform dedicated exclusively to children caused a lot of noise. In recent hours, the social network has confirmed the arrival of new options to protect especially young users. In response to a recent study presented to the US Congress, which demonstrates the negative effect Instagram can have on young people, Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, indicated that the social network would introduce two new options exclusively for its young users. The first will consist of tips for drawing attention to non-harmful content, in the event that content deemed harmful to young people is repeatedly posted on the platform.

The second innovation will be to “take a break”. This will be the suggestion that Instagram will offer to young users. It has not yet been defined on what time criteria the functionality will be based and if and how it will be possible to deactivate it. Instagram confirmed to The Verge that it is actively moving to test both features, but without providing a time horizon for the release of the same. In the same context, Clegg interviewed by CNN also returned to the question of the attack on the United States Capitol. He said it was difficult to say if and to what extent Instagram had helped fuel the uprising. In any case, the Facebook executive will meet with the investigating committee to clarify whether strict responsibilities can be assigned to the social network.



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