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With the coronavirus pandemic throughout 2020 they proliferated a large number of users who decided to invest their time to carry out some kind of live broadcast, in any of the platforms designed for those tasks that we have at our disposal. Although the good thing about Instagram is that it does not need too much paraphernalia, just call a friend and talk about anything in public.

This function is what Facebook called “Instagram Live” and that now they want to promote by further improving the number of participants that we will have in each of the broadcasts. That it will go from the current two to four, which will make it much more enjoyable, dynamic and, if we are funny, even fun.

Rooms double the capacity

Although it seems that a change such as going from two participants to four should not be too radical, from Instagram they have thought so, in such a way that these Live broadcasts will no longer be called that and will be called “live rooms”, as you can see in the captures published by the social network itself in the last hours.

New issues with more participants. Instagram

It has to be said that this function has nothing to do with the ability to Instagram to create video call rooms of up to 50 participants, thanks to the Messenger tools, but it is the maximum defined for the live broadcasts that we can make public so that all the profiles of those who follow us, or any other that pass through there, join.

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These live broadcast room They are not available at the moment and it is an advance that Instagram has wanted to share with its users, so that they open their mouths in those cases in which they are common to broadcast publicly. Although there is no confirmed date, from the social network they say that the implementation will take place “soon at the global level”, so it will not be a phased update that lands earlier in some countries than others.

Obviously, that the public conversations go from two to four does not affect the ability to monetization of these contents, which will remain as is until now except for that addition of dividing the broadcast into four parts to accommodate more opinions, positions or curiosities. It all depends on the nature of the talks that we like to do together with our followers.


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