Instagram viral challenge worries nutritionists

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. The US platform, owned by Facebook Inc, was born as a photographic and video tool, but over the years it has expanded its functions. Currently, there are around 1.2 billion active Instagram accounts around the world.

That same popularity has forced Instagram developers to update the app’s existing functions and create new ones that optimize the user experience on the social network.

In the midst of this boom, viral challenges arise, such as the case that we are going to tell you about below. They are publications identified with the tag #WhatIEatinaDay, what does it mean “What do I eat in one day?”.

It consists of putting together a collage with images of the dishes of the day, accompanied by a photograph of the user in the center. Generally, this person is usually in excellent physical condition:

This viral challenge is not new. The label has been popular for two years, but it is only now that nutrition professionals are warning that this challenge can be very dangerous.

Aitor Sánchez, nutritionist and author of the food blog, My Diet Limps, explained: “By placing the person in the center surrounded by food, a certain intention is shown. He is indirectly saying: ‘I am like this because of what as’, and may lead to misunderstandings. ” The nutritionist explains that This viral Instagram challenge can create the wrong links between the physique of these users and what they eat.

It alleges that the figure of these people is not directly related to that menu; not always. The call is always the same. To achieve a healthy and sleepy figure, it is necessary to consult a nutritionist and a physical trainer, jobs that must go hand in hand. Following advice on social networks such as Instagram, without medical supervision, can be very dangerous for the body.

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