Instagram users will be able to ‘shake with anger’ their mobile to notify the app of a problem with the platform

Instagram intends to apply two new tools that will change the way we operate in the social network. One of them will be to report a problem by shaking the mobile and another to delete part of the Reels without completely eliminating the publication.

Adam Mosseri, director of the application, has spoken about these additions through his official accounts on social networks. These functions have been called ‘Hidden Gems’, which means in English ‘hidden gems’

One of the options is ‘Rage Shake’ (‘shake with rage’ in Spanish) and, according to Mosseri, lUsers can notify the company of a problem with the app just by forcefully moving their phone.

With Rage Shake, as long as the device has the platform open on the screen, Instagram will enable an automatic message when it detects movement. Through this simple gesture, the user can explain the failure to Instagram and solve it.

This feature will be available shortly for iOS and Android, but at the moment only in the United States.

However, the company does not want to leave its news there and Mosseri has also talked about another function, in this case related to the Reels. To date, Instagram did not allow editing the Reels once they were published, but the developers intend to change that.

The director of Instagram has pointed out that users now They will be able to remove a video or an image from a Reel without having to delete the publication. To modify these types of posts, people should only go to the ‘Edit’ menu, which is in the upper right part of the video.

People have an easier time lying at a distance than face-to-face.

By clicking on the ‘Edit’ option, you will have access to an edit line with all the frames that are part of the publication, from photos to videos. In this way, users can select the fragment you want to delete and click the trash can icon which is in the upper left corner.

This second function related to Reels will be implemented in a few weeks internationally for all Android and iOS users.

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