Instagram Stories Will Have Stickers With Links, Similar to Swipe Up – Instagram’s new features, which can be used to spread the link via Instagram Stories, is currently being tested. Unlike what was previously done through Swipe Up, this new feature will be present in the form of stickers.

With this, users only need to tap on the sticker to visit the link provided by the creator. They no longer need 10,000 followers to get the share link feature via swipe up.

Head of Product Instagram, Vishal Shah, said this test will be carried out for a small number of users. The goal, they will learn how users can take advantage of links via stickers.

The Instagram team will also monitor the links shared if the information displayed is spam or misinformation. Also called stickers are more suitable for Instagram users today.

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Shah added, link stickers are also Instagram’s ultimate goal to share them with all users or those who have rights to the distributed link.

“That’s a future system that we want to achieve. And that’s what we hope to launch if this is successful,” he said, quoted from The Verge, Wednesday (30/6/2021).

This Stickers link is expected to be the initial stage in attracting users to frequently use Instagram. Unfortunately the developer still hasn’t provided information on when this sticker will be launched.


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