Instagram Stories can be replied to with an audio message

A new feature has been discovered that is in development on Instagram. It is a feature that allows stories are answered with voice messages. Developer Alessandro Paluzzi, known for reverse engineering apps to look for new features, found the feature, and last Saturday shared a screenshot of the new feature.

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It is worth remembering that not all the functions that the platform develops end up, in fact, reaching users in the stable version of the application, but it seems that this feature could indeed be part of the arsenal of the Instagram.

New feature will make Instagram more like Snapchat

If the feature is made available to users in the stable version, then Instagram will look more like Snapchat, which also has the feature to reply to shared stories with audio.

The platform, in addition, would still be developing the possibility for stories to be answered with images, such as the feature of responding to a tweet with an image, on Twitter.

As demonstrated by the screenshot shared by Paluzzi, the microphone icon will be available next to the emojis for reactions.

According to other information from Paluzzi, Instagram is also working on enabling the sharing a post via a QR codein addition to the fact that the application will return to showing the feed in chronological orderand it is even possible to customize the feed by accounts favored by users according to subjects of their interest.

The user will be able to classify the feed into three different segments: favorites, which can contain up to 50 selected accounts, following, which encompasses all the posts that the user follows and initial feed, which shows how it is at the moment, adjusted according to the algorithm.

The resources, so far, do not have a date to be officially released in the Meta application.

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