Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-tok … fishing for young subscribers

▶ ️ FOCUS: daily newspapers are launching on Snapchat, Instagram or Tik-Tok to recruit young subscribers

Le Figaro, Le World, The team or 20 Minutes produce specific content on these platforms Explain Media review. For several years, The world even dedicates a team of seven people to it, Le Figaro devotes four posts to it.

In France, these networks count among the most popular among 16-25 year olds (Tik-Tok is not yet listed, but its meteoric rise – with nearly 750 million downloads in 2019, should change the 2020 ranking).

The long-term strategy of the media is to acculturate and retain these young audiences to the content they produce, in the hope of one day generating subscriptions.

“On the Snapchat Discover channel, we must have about 1.5 million teens who subscribe for free over the World. Suppose I only keep 10% [d’abonnés], so 150,000. The bet is won. “explains Louis Dreyfus, chairman of the management board of World, interviewed in the podcast The media sit down to dinner.

But the objective is just as much to understand this young audience, its needs, its codes, its privileged formats. On this point, the content must be much more visual: videos, animated infographics … Hence the presence of motion designers in the teams.

You must then meet several conditions for it to work:

  • A clear editorial line : pedagogy (The world), debate (Le Figaro), info check (20 Minutes)

  • An organization : dedicated team, extension of the competence of another service (such as photographers World dedicated to Instagram), subcontracting (20 Minutes and Spicee), appeal to journalism students at Evening or to Time.

  • Emulation internal : cooperation from the rest of the editorial staff, sharing of ideas and information during the editorial conference, dissemination of practices, etc.

Getting these young adults to pay is no small challenge, however. Only 10% of French people paid for online information in 2019 according to Reuters 2020 report (in pdf).

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▶ ️ In short, in the media

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