Instagram Re-releases Preview Feature on Twitter


Instagram has finally brought back the preview feature on Twitter. Photo/IST

MENLO PARK – Instagram decided to re-release preview feature (preview) posts uploaded to the microblogging site Twitter. This feature used to exist but was removed in 2012.

Now that this feature is back, users no longer need to tap on the Instagram link on Twitter to be able to view uploaded images.

The company says preview Twitter Card will start rolling out gradually to all users starting today. “They said it would never happen. Twitter Card preview starts rolling out today,” tweeted the @Instagram account on Twitter.

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“Now, when you share an Instagram link on Twitter, a preview of the photo from that link will appear as a card with a preview of the photo.”

It’s not clear why Instagram decided to bring back link previews now.

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Whether the Twitter Card preview is now an important part of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse or the company needs positive user sentiment among all the ongoing negative news from the Facebook Papers leak.

Regardless of the reason, users will also notice that the Twitter Card preview is different from the full photo embeds of the past. Instagram Links will now show a preview of the link just like how YouTube links appear on Twitter.

This feature is already available to users on iOS, Android and Web platforms.


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