Instagram Presents New Visual Refresh, Check Out the Story Behind Instagram’s Evolution

JAKARTA – A few days ago Instagram changed some of its elements in the app. The changes include updates to a brighter logo, default font, layout, and other design aspects.

Apparently, there is an interesting story behind the recent evolution of Instagram. With 1 Billion Instagram users, and inspired by its global community, Meta is starting to refresh Instagram’s visual identity to reflect its role as a place for people to express themselves.

“We approach the evolution of design from a spirit of innovation and exploration by garnering the trust of global typographers, artists and creative technologists who will push our boundaries. Together, we retain the best of the brand, while infusing it with new energy and power of expression,” said Cynthia P., Creative Director, Meta’s Instagram.

In his blog, Meta also mentions three main goals of his work for Instagram namely, to establish a distinct identity with Instagram’s first custom typeface and designed in several scripts.

The second goal is, that Instagram wants to bring more vibrancy with more color depth to the gradient. The next goal is, Meta wants to create a modular branding system with design applications across a wide variety of channels.

Custom Font

The Instagram Sans typeface, which takes inspiration from the Instagram logo and wordmark, comes in three styles: Regular, Headlineday Condensed.

“We are exploring how typography can be a tool for expression and how our new typography can go beyond the letters on the screen. Instagram Sans was inspired by our logo design and the script font of our word sign. The fonts in Instagram Sans Headlines add a human touch, as well as moments of ownership, excitement and surprise,” explains Daniel S., Meta’s Creative Director for Instagram.

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Meta explains that global accessibility is very important in the development of the Instagram typeface, respecting the traditions and culture behind each script.

Because of this, Instagram collaborated with 40 typographers and language experts to produce several global scripts. Among them are, Thai, Korean, and Arabic.

Color Gradient

While the color gradients that serve as the background for Instagram were created by 3D digital artist and motion designer, Rose Pilkington in an innovative 3D modeling process.

“The concept is that the gradient feels like it’s made of light, so it feels like it’s illuminated. And it has a kind of deep feel to it,” said Rose.


The launch of the full-screen marketing layout comes as Instagram has been testing full-screen also in feeds on the homepage like TikTok.

The new marketing layout for Instagram features full-screen imagery, refers to the in-app experience, and celebrates the creativity we see from its community every day.

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