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Instagram launches tool to improve security and recover accounts from improper access

Security Checkup is the new functionality launched by Instagram to improve security and guide users who have been victims of unauthorized access to their accounts so that they can recover them.

The popularity of Instagram attracts the interest of all kinds of malicious actors who seek to take advantage of the large number of users to carry out different frauds, among them, theft of accounts and then commercialize the accesses or perform deception and in this way obtain money of its victims. However, the Facebook-owned company announced last week the launch of Security Checkup, a new functionality for users to strengthen the security of their accounts, while allowing them to be recovered in the event of having suffered unauthorized access by an attacker. . This tool will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

The new tool will appear to users as a notification whenever the platform detects suspicious activity or when there are signs that the account may have been compromised by an attacker. In this way, the tool will invite the user to follow certain steps that consist of verifying login activity, reviewing the profile information, confirming the accounts with which login is shared and updating the contact information for the recovery of account, such as phone number or mailing address, explains the company in its site.

Image 1. Security Checkup, a tool that helps to secure user accounts. Source: Instagram.

Additional safety recommendations on Instagram

In addition to this announcement, the company recalls some additional recommendations for users to keep in mind how to protect their accounts and their information.

In this sense, Instagram advises users to enable two-step authentication, also known as double-factor authentication, since it is one of the most effective ways to protect accounts from hijacking. In addition to the advice, the company announced that it will enable in the coming weeks the option to use WhatsApp to send the verification code as part of the two-step authentication process.

Image 2. Instagram announced that it will enable the option to use the WhatsApp number to send the verification code in the authentication process. Source: Instagram.

In addition to enabling two-step authentication, the social network recommends keeping the contact information updated, such as email and the associated phone number, since in this way the social network will communicate with the user in case the account has been kidnapped by an attacker.

On the other hand, the company remembers that it never sends direct messages. Let us remember that in the last time a hoax masquerading as an official statement from the Instagram help center informing the user about an alleged violation of copyright. This campaign aimed to steal the access data to the accounts and the kidnapping of these.

Another tip to improve security on Instagram is to enable login requests to receive a notification every time someone tries to log into your account from another computer, also providing information about the device from which you are trying to access and the location.

Beyond these security recommendations, privacy settings are also important to prevent strangers from gaining access to personal information that could be used by malicious actors in different ways. For this reason, we also recommend reading the article Privacy and security on Instagram: how to configure them, where we explain in more detail how to configure the privacy and security of accounts on Instagram to avoid a headache.

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