Instagram could include a sticker for links in stories

During years Instagram has limited the availability of the feature that allows you to include a link in the popular stories of its platform. However, in a context where this space has established itself as one of the most important alternatives for sharing content on that social network, now the company belonging to Facebook is evaluating incorporating an important change in that line.

According to The Verge, Instagram is testing the eventual incorporation of a new sticker to include links in stories.

These stickers would have a similar appearance to the location marks that can currently be included in the publications and, instead of inviting users to swipe up to access the link, with this option people would only have to press the sticker to navigate to a page.

In that sense, these link stickers would allow users to respond to the stories that the links include. Something that currently cannot be done with the famous “swipe-up”.

Instagram says that it will evaluate the performance of this option with a particular focus on the type of links that people will share and caution against the eventual distribution of false information and spam.

However, the company hopes that this test will be successful as they intend to eventually implement this system for all users in the future.

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