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Under a Instagram Bot (from English robot ‘robot’) is an executable software that largely automatically processes repetitive tasks without being dependent on interaction with a human user. Many subscribe to suitable Instagram accounts (user accounts) in order to provoke a notification on their smartphone and gain attention for their own profile. This practice is against the Terms of use of Instagram.

The users of a bot adapt it to their target group. You can interact with people of a specific gender, age or language. Usually the latest pictures of a person are marked with a heart. This symbolizes to the creator that they are interested in their pictures. In addition, this is also followed in order to receive another notification with your own name.[1][2]

There are several goals that can be pursued. Most intend to increase their followers (people who say they see more of an account on Instagram). Others try to use these practices to get as many hits as possible on their website and thus increase its website value.[3]

Some users of a bot want to receive specific passwords or other private information. These then set their bot to write private messages (Instagram DM) to certain people. These usually contain a fake competition or a sexual solicitation.[4]

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