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Insta360 launches the One R, a modular action cam

It’s an as yet unexplored segment Insta360 with the One R, that of modular action cam. The brand thus wishes to offer devices offering more latitude to the most demanding users by allowing them to adapt their video capture equipment according to their needs.

Insta360 OneRInsta360 OneR 2

The One R thus offers a removable optical unit which can be replaced by one of the 3 units offered by the brand. We can thus switch from a standard action cam to a 4K wide-angle lens, a dual 360-degree lens or a 1-inch wide angle developed with Leica.

Basically, the user only keeps the part integrating the electronics as well as the screen and the controls. Even the battery can be replaced by a version offering more capacity.

The whole can be associated with a set of fixings and in particular a selfie stick which takes advantage of a specific mode: the electronics of the camera is responsible for making the stick disappear to make it invisible in the videos.

The camera offers a set of video effects such as timeshift, timelapse, hyperlapse, but also optical stabilization, voice monitoring … Insta360 offers a Twin Edition pack with battery and core block as well as 360 degree and ultra large modules angld for $ 480, the 1 inch Leica version is offered at $ 550 against $ 300 for the 4K wide-angle version, the price of the separate modules has not yet been communicated.



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