Insignificant Jubilees in Latvia and the World: From Lawyers to Musicians and Athletes

Insignificant Jubilees in Latvia and the World: From Lawyers to Musicians and Athletes

Jubilees in Latvia

In 1965, Signe Terihova – lawyer.

In 1963, Pēteris Vaivars – Ambassador of Latvia to Korea.

In 1963, Dzintars Rasnačs – lawyer and politician, was the Minister of Justice.

Scenes from the life of the Minister of Justice Dzintars Rasnačs

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In 1961, Nauris Puntulis – Minister of Culture.

In 1952, Sergejs Martinovs – soloist (bass) of the Latvian National Opera.

In 1950, Ziedonis Špengelis – Chairman of the Presidium of the Riga International Court of Arbitration.

In 1932, Egon Beseris – an actor of the Fine Arts Theater and the Drama Theater. Best known as Captain Horne in The Servants of Vella and The Servants of Vella at the Mill (died 1984).

In 1921, Aldona Elfrida Pole-Аboliņa – artist.

In 1903, Lilita Bērziņa – actress (died in 1983).

Jubilees in the world

In 1985, Tom Fletcher – British singer (“McFly”).

In 1982, Natasha Hamilton – British singer (“Atomic Kitten”).

In 1978, Noah Lennox – American musician, also known as “Panda Bear” (“Animal Collective”).

In 1975, Darude – a Finnish DJ.

In 1973, Jāps Stams – a Dutch football player, now a coach, a two-time winner of the bronze medal of the European Championship.

In 1969, Jāns Kirsipū – an Estonian cyclist, won several stages of the “Tour de France”, was the manager of the Latvian team “Rietumu banka – Riga”.

In 1963, Mati Nīkanen – Finnish ski jumper.

In 1954, Angela Merkel – former chancellor of Germany.

Angela Merkel at work and at rest with her husband

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1952 David Hasselhoff – American actor and musician.

In 1949, Terence Butler – British musician (“Black Sabbath”).

In 1948, Ron Ashton – American guitarist (“The Stooges”, died in 2009).

In 1947, Camilla – Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

Coronation ceremony of King Charles III and Queen Camilla of Great Britain

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In 1939, Spencer Davis – British singer and guitarist.

In 1939, Ali Khamenei – the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 1935, Donald Sutherland – Canadian actor.

In 1920, Juan Antonio Samaranch – former president of the International Olympic Committee (died in 2010).

In 1899, James Cagney – American actor (died in 1986).

In 1888, Shmuel Yosef Agnon – Israeli writer, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1970).

In 1698, Pierre Louis Maupertuis – French mathematician and philosopher (died in 1759).

In 1487, Ismail I – Shah of Persia (died in 1524).

Events in Latvia

In 2005, the international gathering of vintage motorcycles “Kurzeme rinķis 2005” takes place in Shlokenbek, Tukum district.

In 2004, the prestigious “All Strength World Cup” tournament of strongmen takes place in Riga, on the Mežaparka Grand Stage.

2004″. In the team competition, the Baltic team, which includes Latvian strongmen Raimonds Bergmanis and Agris Kazeļniks, Lithuanians Židrūns Savicks, Saulius Brusoks, Vilius Petrausks and Estonian Andrus Muramets, won a convincing victory. On the other hand, in the individual evaluation, the Polish athlete Mariusz Pudzianovskis won the main prize.

In 2003, the 2nd Vislatvija noblemen’s tournament was held in the Gārsene manor of the Jēkabpils district. The teams of Krustpils, Asares, Gārsenes, Bīriņi, Gaujienas, Jaunauces, Mercendarbes and other manors take part in the tournament.

In 2002, in Riga, in the Senate Hall of the University of Latvia (LU), representatives of four Latvian universities, the Ministry of Economy, Education and Science and the Latvian Development Agency (LAA) signed the Memorandum of Intent on cooperation in the creation of the Riga Science and Technology Park. The protocol of intent is signed by Indriķis Muižnieks, vice-rector of sciences of LU, Pēteris Rivža, vice-rector of sciences of Latvian University of Agriculture, Leonids Ribickis, vice-rector of sciences of Riga Technical University, Jānis Vētra, rector of Riga Stradins University, minister of economy Aigars Kalvītis, minister of education and science Kārlis Greiškalns, general director of LAA Māris Ēlerts.

In 2001, the Riga Regional Court recognized the bank “Parity” as insolvent.

In 2000, an extraordinary plenary session of the Saeima was held for consideration and adoption of amendments to the Road Traffic Law. Amendments to the law provide that cars of legal entities will not need a notarized power of attorney when crossing the border of Latvia.

In 2000, the modernized Silene border control point was opened.

In 1999, the public organization “Kolovrat” was founded, and Roman Lyubimovs was elected as its chairman. 12 Barkašov residents participate in the founding meeting.

In 1998, at the People’s Power Party Congress, Armands Stendzeniek was elected as the chairman of the political presidium of the party.

In 1996, the National Democratic Party of Latvia and the Latvian Independence Party signed a protocol on the establishment of a coalition, which provides for further cooperation between the parties and the conclusion of a coalition agreement.

In 1944, the SS grenadier divisions of the 15th and 19th guns of the Latvian Legion crossed the border of Latvia while retreating.

In 1756, the Riga magistrate, with the support of the Russian Senate, issued a strict regulation confirming the privileges of local merchants in the city market. This causes sharp protests from foreigners, especially English companies.

In 1231, the Catholic clergyman Alnas Balduin signed an agreement on the creation of a papal diocese in Kursa. A year later, Pope Gregory IX appointed Balduin of Alna as the administrator of the diocese of Kursa and the bishop of Zemgale. However, due to disagreements of the Order of Sword Brothers, he was removed from his position.

Events in the world

In 2014, a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over a region controlled by pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people on board.

In 2007, almost 200 people died in a Brazilian passenger plane crash at Sao Paulo airport.

In 2006, at least 650 people died and 100 went missing when a tsunami on the Indonesian island of Java wiped out several fishing villages and resorts after a strong underground earthquake.

In 2000, Bashar al-Assad, the son of Hafez al-Assad, who ruled for three decades, officially becomes the president of Syria.

In 1998, the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and members of his family are reburied in St. Petersburg, 80 years after he and his family were murdered by the Bolsheviks.

In 1998, tidal waves caused by three undersea earthquakes wiped out several villages in Papua New Guinea, killing about 2,000 people.

In 1997, after 117 years of work, the US chain of stores “FW Woolworth Company” is liquidated.

In 1996, the “Boeing 747” plane, which was traveling from New York to Paris, exploded over the Atlantic Ocean. All 230 people on board died.

In 1995, the heat wave that swept through the US Midwest reached its peak with record temperatures in Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On this day alone, more than 400 people die due to the heat.

In 1995, five-time world champion “Formula-1” Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio died.

In 1994, Brazil won its fourth World Cup in football, defeating Italy in the penalty shootout of the final match.

In 1992, Czechoslovak President Václav Havel announced his resignation when Slovakia, which did not recognize Havel as its president, declared independence.

In 1984, Soviet cosmonaut Svetlana Savitka became the first woman to walk in space from the Soyuz 12 spacecraft. The “walk” lasted three and a half hours.

In 1981, more than a hundred people were killed when Israel bombed Palestinian-populated areas of Beirut.

In 1979, Nicaraguan President Anastasio Somos fled the country and Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega took power.

In 1976, the annexation of East Timor takes place. East Timor becomes Indonesia’s 27th province.

In 1976, 25 African countries boycotted the Montreal Olympics in protest against New Zealand’s sports ties with the GDR, which had been excluded from the Olympic movement since 1964 due to the apartheid policy. The boycott follows the International Olympic Committee’s refusal to exclude New Zealand, whose rugby team was on tour in the South East at the time.

In 1975, the US and Soviet spaceships “Apollo 18” and “Soyuz 19” connected 210 kilometers above the Earth, with the captains of both aircraft shaking hands.

In 1973, a military coup deposed the King of Afghanistan, Mohammed Zahir Shah, and Afghanistan was declared a republic under the leadership of former Prime Minister Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan.

In 1969, the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco nominated Prince Juan Carlos as his successor.

In 1968, the Revolutionary Command Council led by General Hassan al-Bakr seized power in Iraq.

In 1959, the legendary jazz and blues singer Billie Holiday dies.

In 1955, Disneyland is opened in Anaheim, California, USA.

When Leopold III abdicated in 1951, his son Prince Baudouin became King of Belgium.

In 1945, the Potsdam Conference at the end of the Second World War begins, in which British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, and US President Harry Truman participate.

In 1944, two munitions ships explode near San Francisco Bay in California, killing 320 people.

In 1933, after successfully crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the Lithuanian research plane “Lituanica” crashes in Germany under mysterious circumstances.

In 1918, Bolsheviks kill the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, his family and companions in Yekaterinburg.

In 1917, the British royal family changed its name from the House of Saxe-Coburg to the House of Windsor due to the resentment against the Germans caused by the First World War.

In 1816, the Klondike Gold Rush begins, when the first successful gold prospectors arrive in Seattle.

In 1791, during the French Revolution, the Shamdemar massacre takes place – 1200-1500 people, including women and children, are killed.

In 1762, after the assassination of Peter III, Catherine II became the Tsarina of Russia.

In 1203, in the Fourth Crusade, Christian forces take Constantinople in a blow.

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