Insigne introduces himself: “I could have stayed in Europe but I chose Toronto for the children. And not for money”

Lorenzo Insigne, new Toronto FC player, was presented by the Canadian club at a press conference. The former Napoli captain takes the floor: “A new adventure begins for me and my family, it’s the first time we leave Naples. From the first day I met the president he spoke well to me about this city, I didn’t see wait to come, to meet the coach and his teammates. I saw the game at the stadium, it was very good, but I feel bad because I can’t wait to play with my teammates and to make myself available to the coach. excited because it is the first time that I give a conference like this “.

How did you find Toronto?
“We have been here for a few days, but the city made a huge impression on both me and my family. The quality of life is very high. It was hard to leave Naples, but it was a life choice especially for my parents. children. I hope they will have a great future here and we can all grow together as a family “.

Why choosing Toronto?
“I spoke to the president when we met, he made a very good impression on him and the history of the club. Many think that I came for the economic aspect, but I made this choice for my children and my wife. The president told me that he has never won a Champions League here, it is a challenge and it would be a really great achievement for this club “.

Did you know Bradley?
“I spoke to Michael often because he speaks Italian, he has always been available since the first day I signed. We spoke several times on the phone. He can help me a lot because of the language. I have sometimes played against and he is an excellent player. , he knows how to keep his position on the pitch very well. I think he is a great leader and an excellent captain “.

Do you feel under pressure?
“I thank the president and the club for giving me the opportunity to feel like an important player. I played for 10 years in Naples, I won a European championship with the national team, I’m used to a certain type of pressure. You must always prove your worth on the pitch, I will make myself available to the coach and let the pitch speak. “

Conditioned by Giovinco’s past in Toronto?
“It didn’t affect me, I gladly accepted because I wanted a new challenge. It did not affect me that he also played here, he did very well in Toronto and it is right that they remember him. I’ll try to do well like him and try to bring an important trophy to Toronto ”.

Do you know the team well?
“I’ve been following Toronto since I signed. They made a good impression on me, there are experienced players like Bradley and Osorio and other young players who can help the team. I can’t wait to take the field and help the team ”.

What expectations do you have?
“I am very happy to have accepted this challenge. On the first day they took me to the Diplomatic Coffee and it was like being in Naples. I feel at home, I feel acclaimed without playing yet and it is a source of pride. But I want to take the field and make people love me for my goals. I am a striker, but I sacrifice a lot for the team. Over the years I have often quarreled with my father who said that I had to score more goals because I am a striker, but I am generous and the more you play for the team, the more the qualities of the individual are enhanced “.

Do you prefer to play as a winger or playmaker?
“Any position the coach puts me is fine with me, I can also play in goal even if I don’t have the body (laughs, ed.)”.

Have you had any other offers and why did you choose Toronto?
“No concrete offers, because it was the beginning of the market. I am 31 years old, not old, I could still stay in Europe but my wife and children come first. I gave so much to Napoli, I lost trophies that hurt, I wanted a new challenge. I don’t agree that it’s not real football here, I came to help the club win a trophy. I want the first Italian player to achieve this. I will give everything and I will try to bring them to this goal at any cost. I will always thank them for what they have done for me and my family, I can’t wait to repay their trust on the pitch ”.

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