Insights into Kratae’s Brother’s Happily Married Life and Work

Insights into Kratae’s Brother’s Happily Married Life and Work

“Kratae” Boi asked. “Oh Phakjira” the young man inside said that he had been happy for a long time.

Making many people look hard at the girl “Oh Phakjira” after having a picture with a handsome young man with a clear face. Until many people secretly commented whether this was his new love or not. At this event, when he had the opportunity to meet his close younger sister, “Kratae Supaksorn,” he gave a short answer. Ready to reveal the mental state of another beloved older sister, “Ning Panita” as well.

“Better ask Brother O. This is a personal matter. You’d better ask P’O. He’s already happy. P’O is a very sweet and good-natured person. He rarely has anything that makes him uncomfortable. He will smile all the time. He has been smiling and looking happy for quite a while now. He is a very nice person. When he met us, he was smiling all the time. We couldn’t tell him apart. He was happy. We are happy.”

“Kratae is the younger one who has known this for a long time. I want it to arrive today. That is, Kratae believes that when the day comes that he will be freed. He would be happier. He’d be happier. Kratae is worried about his brother’s mental state after this only. Now he is happy. Kratae wants him to continue to be happy like this. I don’t want him to think too much. Everything is moving forward. Just be happy He’s a person who likes to show off his strength, but deep down he’s not that strong. He’s a woman. Now I think it will be better. Hope he gets better. Because now he’s married to work.”

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“Before, I went to live with him. Right now he’s working almost 100%. There’s hardly any time. Now I’m worried about my health. Working a lot takes care of your health too. Because he really works a lot. I was shocked when I heard it. Maybe Brother Ning needs to take a break. But he is happy with who he gets to work with. I want good people to take care of me, I really want it, but Kratae says he would be happier working like this.”

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