Insider speaks of problems with the display in the native 4K resolution

According to industry insider “Dusk Golem”, developers are struggling with the display of titles in the native 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5. It is therefore to be expected that many games will not be displayed in native 4K.

In the past few months, industry insider “Dusk Golem” made a name for itself as a reliable source, especially in the area of ​​“Resident Evil”, and disclosed various details about “Resident Evil Village” in advance of the official announcement.

In addition, “Dusk Golem” pointed out that the Capcom developers had to contend with performance problems on the PS5 while working on “Resident Evil Village”. Even if “Dusk Golem” noted a short time later that this information is several months old and that the new “Resident Evil” should also run perfectly on the PS5, he added it again as part of a recent tweet.

4K on the PS5 especially with checkerboard rendering?

As the industry insider reports, unspecified developers on the PlayStation 5 are struggling with problems displaying titles in the native 4K resolution. For this reason, according to “Dusk Golem”, it can be expected that many games on the PlayStation 5 will be displayed in “Fake 4K”. Here the insider is probably referring to the checkerboard rendering, which has already been used for numerous titles on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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On the Xbox Series X, however, there should not be problems of this kind. Since “Dusk Golem” did not go into detail about its sources, which reported to it the performance problems when displaying in the native 4K resolution on the PlayStation 5, the information from the industry insider should of course be taken with the necessary caution for the time being .

The PS5 appears in this year’s Christmas business. Sony Interactive Entertainment has not yet given a specific date and price.

More messages too PS5.

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