Innovative Apple At Work Commercial: Swiped Mac Rescues a Missing Mac

Innovative Apple At Work Commercial: Swiped Mac Rescues a Missing Mac

Apple’s latest Apple At Work series of commercials is here~ This time the content also features The Underdogs. Through a vivid storyline, Apple perfectly combines the Mac and the Find My system into the work scene to create a new work experience.

Swiped Mac Rescues a Missing Mac

Last year, Apple promoted the business Apple at Work’s promotional advertisement “Escape from the Office “Escape from the Office”the video content presents how the team uses tools such as iPhone, iPad and Mac to collaborate to achieve entrepreneurial dreams, even if you are not in the office, Apple can do everything you need to cooperate.

Now Apple launches “Apple At Work”next episodethe content is to state that this group of people had already gone to the client for a meeting, but the MacBook Air with the presentation file was stolen. At this time, relying on the built-in FindMy (find) function, can the missing What about laptops?

The Find My function plays an indispensable role in finding a lost MacBook Air. Whether it is looking for lost work equipment or tracking colleagues who do not answer the phone, it can help the team understand and deal with various situations in the first time, greatly improving work efficiency. And the film also constantly emphasizes Apple’s products and security technologies, such as Siri, FaceTime, biotechnology, remote locking, two-factor authentication, Apple Pay, Apple Watch motion detection, etc., which can bring more benefits to work and life. More safety and convenience.

At the end of the film, it is no surprise that they successfully retrieved the lost MacBook Air, and Apple also hopes that through this new advertising film, with a life-like and realistic storyline, we can once again understand Apple’s technological charm at important moments, can play a very important role.

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