InnoMedica Launches FINFIN: Nano-Innovative Health Products Now Available Online and In-Store

InnoMedica delivers health research from the shelf to the mall. Launched health product FINFIN, the first online sales channel and health and beauty shop

innomedica Bringing nano-innovation to produce products from health research from the shelf to the store. launch health products FINE FINE Carpets for sale online and health and beauty shop Target groups of people who stay up late – party people

Dr. Kriengsak Khaoniam, Executive Director, InnoMedica Co., Ltd. Revealed that the food supplement “FINFIN” is a 100% natural herbal powder product consisting of turmeric, raspberry, green tea, etc. and produced with innovative Nano encapsulation technology, making the active ingredient of Curcumin highly concentrated and making the body fully absorbed

For the invention process, the company has brought research knowledge. by bringing innovative Nano encapsulation technology, known as “Storage system for important substances with nano-encapsulation technology” is used in the production process. coupled with marketing expertise that meets the quality of life of urban people It has a positive effect on society and the overall economy of the country.

Innomedica launches nutritional supplements  'FINFIN

However, previously, the company had already produced products to the market, namely FahNova (FahNova) Andrographis paniculata, mouth spray and dietary supplementsUD-A1C (UD-A1C) for diabetic patients or risk groups for diabetes

sideMr. Somchai Kanchanasakchai Managing Director, Innomedica Co., Ltd. further disclosed that the Company aware of the health of Thai people especially liver health problems which contains information from the Department of Medicine Ministry of Public Health (as of September 17, 2021) found that liver and bile duct cancer is the number 1 cancer in males and number 3 in females because the liver is an organ that is like an engine in the body. human It performs many functions such as digesting fats, eliminating toxins, etc. In addition, liver diseases are linked to alcohol consumption.

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FINFIN products are suitable for general people. The body lacks nourishment, sleeps late, the body does not have enough rest, does not sleep well, and those in the party line hang out are ready-to-eat powder-type products packed in compact, easy-to-carry packets.

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2023-06-10 10:17:00

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