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The truck that hit a former child artist named Tang Tang died.

GridHot.ID – A former minor artist Taiwan die in accident on October 18, 2020.

Former little artist it was named Chai Yazhen or who is familiarly called Tang Tang.

Launching, it was around 13:00 local time.

Tang Tang and her husband were riding a motorcycle on the highway.

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When he stopped waiting for a red light in the New Taipei City, Taiwan area, Tang Tang’s motorbike was suddenly hit by a speeding truck.

The collision resulted in Tang Tang and her husband being thrown from the motorcycle.

Tang Tang was thrown under the truck causing him to be seriously injured in the head.

Tang Tang was declared dead at the crash site, while her husband survived but had to undergo treatment.

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Launching on Friday (11/19/2021), a year after the incident, the accident case entered a new phase.

The truck driver, a 60-year-old man surnamed Li, finally got his sentence.

However, the victim’s family, especially Tang Tang’s mother, did not accept the verdict given to Li.

Li’s sentence was considered too light as he only had to be imprisoned for 6 months.

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In fact, Li has taken people’s lives and seriously injured others.

Tang Tang’s own husband is still undergoing treatment.

Li also did not pay adequate compensation to the victim’s family.

Tang Tang’s mother then hired a lawyer to help her demand that Li be punished more severely.

According to his own policy research, the accident suffered by Tang Tang was purely due to the negligence of the driver.

From the test results, Li was declared clean of alcohol while driving.

The cause of the accident is believed to have been due to Li wrongly stepping on the gas and brake pedals.

Tang Tang’s mother is now struggling to demand justice for her daughter and son -in -law.

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Tang Tang Profile

photo photo--main">
Adult Tang Tang (left) - Little Tang Tang with mother (right)


Adult Tang Tang (left) – Little Tang Tang with mother (right)

Tang Tang was born in 1983.

As a child, Tang Tang was well known in the Taiwanese entertainment industry.

In 1990, little Tang Tang acted in commercials, held concerts, and acted in serial dramas.

Tang Tang has played in successful dramas such as ‘Postman’ and others.

He was also once a very iconic advertising star.

One of his famous advertisements is the product Fructose Harvest.

But as he got older, Tang Tang no longer worked as an artist.

Until in his adulthood he completely moved away from the Taiwanese entertainment industry.

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