Inmate wants to donate a kidney before being executed

Recently, the wish of an inmate who was sentenced to lethal injection. Ramiro Gonzales wants to donate a kidney to a patient who is in need of this organ in order to live. The prisoner has asked the governor of Texas to take into account his request and to delay the execution so that he can undergo the surgery.

Gonzales’ execution is scheduled within two weeks, so he hopes that a decision will be made in this regard. Of course, as expected, the news has reached the media, so media pressure may cause the execution to be delayed.

Gonzales’ attorneys have asked the Board of Pardons and Paroles suspend execution for 30 days so you can donate. However, so far, no decision has been made on the case.

For its part, the clinic has ensured that the inmate is perfect to be able to make the donation. They have even said that they are prepared to remove the kidney if the court finally allows it.

According to some people, they assure that the inmate would only be looking for a way to delay or even obtain some kind of benefit. That is why some legal experts say that the sentence against Gonzales is likely to be carried out as scheduled.

In Texas it is allowed for an inmate to donate organs

The inmate’s attorneys have emphasized that In the state of Texas, it is allowed for an inmate to donate organs.. That is why they are waiting for the court to rule and they are very sure that the decision will be positive.

If the state finally allows Gonzales to donate his kidney, would be extending his execution for a few weeks. However, this would also allow that person who needs a kidney to live.

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