Injuries too high – Slovenia suspends contact tracking in the fight against Covid-19 – Abroad – News

The Slovenian Public Health Agency explained that the number of cases was so high that contacts could no longer be traced.

People who are diagnosed with the new coronavirus will be informed, asked to isolate themselves and contact people they may have infected, the Slovenian Public Health Agency said.

On Sunday, 726 cases of new coronavirus infection were registered in Slovenia, but on Saturday, 897 were registered.

In Slovenia, a total of 13,151 people have been confirmed with the new coronavirus. 187 Covid-19 patients have died.

In order to limit the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, a partial quarantine regime came into force in Slovenia on Friday.

It is forbidden to gather more than ten people in the whole country and no more than six people in one group can go to work at a time.

For senior students, the studies will take place remotely for at least one week, starting on Monday, followed by an autumn break of one week.

Also at universities, where possible, training will take place at a distance.

Health services have divided the country into two zones: red, which means a higher risk of infection, and orange, which means a lower risk.


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