Initially Couldn’t Believe Corona, Celebrity Fitness Died After Being Infected

Foto: Instagram @stuzhuk_dmitriy


More and more people are aware that the Corona virus is not a hoax or just a minor illness. A celebrity has become a victim of his distrust of this pandemic. Having never believed in COVID-19, the man named Dmitriy Stuzhu reportedly died after being positively infected after traveling from abroad.

Fitness celebrity Dmitriy Stuzhuk has reportedly died after being infected with the Corona virus. The news has just been informed by his ex-wife, Sofia. It is said that the man from Ukraine who has one million followers breathed his last after experiencing heart complications. This news surprised netizens considering his healthy lifestyle, especially when he asked his followers not to believe in Corona.

Dmitriy also shared his condition on Instagram after being positive for COVID-19. In a fairly severe situation, he admitted that he did not believe in COVID-19 in the past.


“I wanted to share how sick I was and to really warn everyone. I used to think that COVID didn’t exist until I got sick,” he said. “COVID-19 is not a disease for a moment and it is very severe,” the man added.

The man who died at the age of 33 caught the virus after leaving for Turkey. While there, he found his neck was swollen and had difficulty breathing. After returning to Ukraine, Dmitriy tested positive for Corona and was then hospitalized.

“The hospital is full of people, some are being treated in the corridors,” said Dmitry, indicating he had to be put on a breathing apparatus to survive.


Initially Dmitry’s condition had improved and he was allowed to go home considering the limited treatment room. But eight days later she was again rushed to the hospital where Sofia was warned that her ex-husband was in critical condition and was unconscious. Sofia also shared that Dmitry had difficulty surviving.

“Dima has a problem with his cardiovascular system. His heart can’t survive. He is clinically dead but paramedics are trying to turn on his heart. His condition is very bad. Nothing can be done. I tried everything I could to make this father of three children alive. But no. something’s up to me now, “Sofia said.

Dmitriy and Sofia have three children together. They separated six months ago after Sofia admitted to being betrayed but their relationship was said to be good enough before Dmitriy breathed his last. “Only memories remain, three beautiful children, and meaningful experiences. God, it is too bad to realize he is no longer with us,” he added.

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