Ini Utharam | Aparna Balamurali, Kalabhavan Shajon, Chanthu Nath; The new poster of the movie ‘Ini Aatwab’ is out – News18 Malayalam

The new poster of Sudheesh Ramachandran’s ‘Ini Awadab’ is out. In the poster, the heroine is standing worriedly with the policemen. Aparna Balamurali, Kalabhavan Shajon and Chanthu Nath are featured in the poster.

Apart from them, Harish Uttaman, Siddharth Menon, Siddique, Jafar Idukki, Chanthu Nath, Shaju Sridhar, Jayan Cherthala, Dinesh P, Bhagyaraj and others are acting in the film.

Produced by Varun and Arun under the banner of A&V Entertainment, Ravichandran is handling the cinematography. Ranjith Unni is writing the screenplay and dialogues. Vinayak Sasikumar has penned the lyrics and music is composed by Hisham Abdul Wahab.

Editor- Jithin DK, Production Controller- Rinny Diwakar, Rinosh Kaimal, Art- Arun Mohanan, Makeup- Jitesh Poiya, Costume Design- Dhanya Balakrishnan, Stills- Jeffin, Bijoy, Ad Art- Jose Domenic, Chief Associate Director- Deepak Narayan, Project Designer and Marketing- H20 Spell, PRO -A.S. Dinesh and Athira Diljit.

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