Ingūna’s Struggles on and off the Set of “Lauku sēta”: Jealous Boyfriend, Jeopardized Relationship, and Bold Actions

Ingūna’s Struggles on and off the Set of “Lauku sēta”: Jealous Boyfriend, Jeopardized Relationship, and Bold Actions

The tension did not remain in her private life either – it turns out that her spouse thoroughly beat her for her participation in the show. “I had a hard time there,” says the villager from Lejas in a conversation with “ – Izklaide”. Ingūna told her friend about her return to “Lauku sēta” only in Jāņis – about a week before the start of filming of the show’s tenth season.

“I sat and told him: “I want to tell you something. I go to the show “Lauku seta”, “recalls the participant of the show. “You fool! Back on the show!” was the friend’s first reaction. Why was Ingoon’s man so opposed to her participation in the game? “I do not know. He thinks that maybe I’m sleeping over someone,” says Ingūna. “He is afraid that I will get involved with someone here,” says Ingūna, but among the men of “Lauku sēta” she does not see anyone for such a turn.

Ingūna does not hide – the friend is very jealous. “He wasn’t jealous from the beginning, but lately he has been,” she says. There is no reason to be jealous. “Completely unjustified,” says Ingūna. “I go to visit, he already thinks I’m sleeping with someone.”

At the same time, Ingūna is not sure that, after returning home, her relationship with her boyfriend, with whom she has been together on and off for 15 years, will not change. “Perhaps it will also be fun. I don’t care. Let’s break up and get back together after a while. So I don’t worry about it and I don’t think about it at all. Now I’m thinking about the show,” says the lower villager.

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Already on the first day of filming the show, Ingūna was not afraid to jump into the “naked race”. She has no idea how she will reconcile this outing with her spouse. “2016. in 2011, before I participated in “Lauku sēta” for the first time, we broke up for five years. Then, when he watched the show, he said, “You’re running through the nettles with your bare bottoms.” Well, yes, I wanted to vote for the competitor, and I did.

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Why can’t I do it again? And I will do more if needed! I have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a show.

I’ll be raging until I’m seventy. That’s my approach. The girls told me – soberly and without stress. I replied that I’m not stressed at all, I’ll just enter the show and do my thing,” says Ingūna and emphasizes that she really likes running half-naked. “The crazier the better,” she adds.

In “Farmhouse” she will go to full bank. Does she have this approach in life as well? “For example, I go to a full bank at work. If I need to throw those cabbages six, eight, ten, I do it. I stripped down to my clothes and let those guys watch. Haven’t they seen it?

That’s who I am. Crazy. If someone needs a headbutt, I will. I have also been late,” says Ingūna. The reason? “I need to be annoyed.”

Among the women of Lauku seta, she is one of those who do not particularly choose their names. “I always say what I think in my eyes. What’s on my tongue, I spit it out. It doesn’t matter what kind of person it is. I tell the truth, which sometimes you may not like,” explains Ingūna. She believes that the success of “Lauku sēta” is also possible with a big mouth. And that will be her strategy to stay in the game until the final.

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What do her grown-up children say about Inguna’s start in the popular show? “My daughter said: ‘Are you going to embarrass me again?’ She works in a salon. The son’s leg at all. “Okay, go!”, Ingūna remembers the reaction.

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