Informative talk for community media about the Universal Basic Benefit

As part of the meeting, the national director of Promotion and Development, Pablo Urquiza; the deputy director of Community Media and Plurality of Voices, María Sucarrat, and Luis Zarranz and Flavio Rapisardi, members of said Directorate. Likewise, Luis Palmeiro and Victoria Colombo from the National Center for Community Organizations (CENOC) participated, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Culture of the Nation.

During the talk, the national director of Promotion and Development, Pablo Urquiza, explained that “connectivity is a right that we already considered vital, but the pandemic showed even more the need to be connected with others in a virtual way and from a presence other than through device screens. For this reason, these policies have the objective of taking care of the pocket and, in addition, generating instances that allow us to communicate with higher quality and better prices, giving centrality to the State in the regulation and promotion of the exercise of rights ”.

In this sense, the deputy director of Community Media and Plurality of Voices, María Sucarrat, added that “the pandemic accelerated processes and policies were resumed from which, for example, this decree that creates the Universal Basic Benefit was generated. The idea of ​​these meetings is to convene the community media in their dual capacity as users and reproducers of these policies, making them known within their communities. It is a great tool that must be deployed as news so that more people can obtain the benefit and, therefore, we need your intervention as the media, since without this benefit many people would not be able to access the service ”.

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Next, the CENOC authorities highlighted the importance of continuing to work together with community organizations and strengthen, jointly with ENACOM, the work to carry out the Universal Basic Benefit and thus generate demand. They also made themselves available for organizations to access the PBU, providing advice and assistance so that registration is possible. “Community media are an essential actor in this new communication process,” affirmed Luis Palmeiro, director of the National Center.

Finally, both Luis Zarranz, who acted as moderator of the meeting, and Flavio Rapisardi, who detailed some scope of the initiative, stressed that “the rights that are not known are also rights that are not exercised. That is why they must be made known ”. In addition, they emphasized the importance of generating demand, for which ENACOM will also facilitate the allocation of Non-Refundable Contributions (ANR) in those towns of up to 2,000 inhabitants for providers that cannot provide the 2 Mbps established by the Benefit. Basic Universal.

ENACOM continues to work to establish close ties with those who most need to strengthen and ensure their connectivity, and to guarantee them the necessary tools to ensure their right to access ICT.

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