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Information video .. the benefits of guava paper .. a treatment for sugar and colds

The incidence of colds and influenza increases during the winter season, and many resort to folk remedies to overcome cold symptoms to prevent the use of chemical drugs, and guava is a traditional treatment for a group of health conditions, and research indicates that the fruits and leaves of guava may have a number of benefits, and people use a drink Guava leaves are a treatment for diarrhea as well as many other health problems, such as a cold cough.

According to the site medicalnewstoday Guava leaves may help treat a range of conditions, including type 2 diabetes.

We offer the benefits of guava paper to treat many diseases, which are:

1- Guava leaf drink helps reduce blood sugar levels.

2- Reduces menstrual cramps and pain.

3- A traditional remedy for diarrhea in many parts of the world.

4- Resists the common cold and prevents the growth of the virus that causes the flu.

5- Lower high blood pressure .

6- Help expand blood vessels.

7- It is a natural antioxidant.

8- It helps reduce glucose uptake after a hearty meal



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