Information OF THE Evening. Mārtiņš Freiman was destined for a prosperous lifestyle

It is said: “That human being has a expertise of God …” It is specifically the singer Mārtiņš Freimani, who went to that only 11 years in the past. A amazing individual whose memory does not fade. His music survives and at the close of July, at the Dullo Dauku festival, the concert story of the artist’s to start with tracks “I am fine” was performed, consisting of 12 songs by the musician, mysterious to a wider audience, which developed in the 90s, when learning at Aizpute secondary school.

The astronomical map of Mārtiņš Freimaņas tells of a complicated persona. At the time of his delivery, the Sun, accountable for the human ego, was in the zodiac signal of Aquarius. This exhibits an original vision of scenarios, the potential to are living with a search to the potential and to comprehend matters that keep on being hidden from many. Aquarians are normally bizarre and misunderstood. What did he invent? What are these tips? – folks talk to. But you you should not need to have everybody to comprehend. It is crucial that there are fairly a couple like-minded people who you should not have to make clear anything quite and prolonged. Aquarians are in some cases explained to be folks from outer space. Nonetheless, the map of Mārtiņš Freimans also has a enough foundation: the Earth factor dominates there, and in the zodiac signals of this element there are numerous planets linked to the expressions of the individuality: an indicator of feelings in the zodiac indication of Virgo, lover of the order and practical, Luna earth of the mind and masculine Mars in Capricorn, lover of predictability and steadiness.

At the time of the artist’s birth, Saturn, the arbiter of fate, was in the so-termed retrograde situation, which helps make him doubt a lot and prevail over numerous obstructions. A particular person demands steadiness, even the guidance of close persons, he demands to work a large amount and resolve karmic troubles. At one time, numerologist Ineta Ventniece-Krīgere in the journal “Simple Astrology”, examining the numerological matrix of Mārtiņš Freimaņi’s individuality, explained that the numbers present that Mārtiņš, who died at the age of 33, was destined to have a prolonged, beautiful and economically successful daily life. If only … If only he had felt the assist of his relatives from childhood and could count more on the correct people today about him, the types who would not demolish his expertise and his genius.

(The astronomical portrait is produced according to the cosmogram when the exact time of delivery is not identified.)

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