Information about the rallies in Vienna

Numerous meetings indicated, some prohibited – around 1,300 executives on duty – Vienna’s inner city should be avoided

Vienna (OTS) Time: 11/20/2021
Location: Vienna

For Saturday, November 20, 2021, numerous gatherings were reported to the Vienna State Police Directorate in Vienna. Due to the various demonstration routes, temporary traffic obstructions are to be expected in the entire city of Vienna; journeys with vehicles that are not absolutely necessary should be postponed in the affected areas. Public transport could also be severely affected by the demonstrations. As always, the Vienna police are trying to keep the impact of the meetings on the uninvolved population as short and as small as possible.

The majority of the meetings are likely to be directed against the current or upcoming COVID measures. Due to the current epidemiological situation, with regard to one’s own health and the health of others, it is requested not to obey calls to such large-scale meetings and to refrain from participating – regardless of the content of the meeting.

Prohibition of meetings

The current COVID Measures Ordinance explicitly exempts all assemblies from the strict regulations. This means that in the legal view of the legislator, the right to assembly exceeds the mandatory measures in the fight against the pandemic. The prohibition of a meeting for purely sanitary reasons is therefore not possible for the security authorities from the current perspective.

The Vienna State Police Directorate, as the responsible assembly authority, prohibited some of the reported assemblies in advance on the basis of statutory assembly provisions (e.g. the protection area of ​​an assembly).

1,300 police officers on duty

In order to ensure a safe process and compliance with the applicable COVID regulations, further executive officers from other federal states were called in to support the Vienna police forces. A total of around 1,300 police officers will be on duty. In addition to forces for the security service and property protection, this commanding also affects the state traffic department for necessary traffic control measures as well as forces of the constitutional protection and the state criminal investigation office.

Media contact officers on duty

As a result of positive experience, the Vienna police are once again providing two contact officers for media representatives. These experienced officers can be contacted especially in cases of disruptive actions against the press / media work or if criminal acts are perceived during the gatherings. It should be noted that public relations will continue to be carried out exclusively by the press officer. The telephone number 01/31310/72133 is available for this.

Inquiries & contact:

State Police Directorate Vienna
Press office

Phone: 01 31310 72133



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