Information about the corona virus: the federal government provides information on new details

Incomparable to the financial crisis. Incomparable to the previous month anyway: Boris Zürcher (56) from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) presented a preliminary assessment of the short-time work requests on the month. In March, 21,000 companies applied for short-time work for 315,000 workers. “That is about 6.1 percent of the workforce in Switzerland,” said Zürcher. In February it was 0.2 percent, during the financial crisis the top 5,000 companies and 92,000 employees were reached.

The federal government wants to avoid layoffs with short-time work. If a company has to temporarily reduce operations or stop operations altogether, the state temporarily jumps into the gap and pays 80 percent of the lost wages. The most requests – for more than one in four employees – were made in the Canton of Ticino. “However, there should also have been preventive registrations,” says Zürcher. March wages should be paid this week.

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