Inform rubber planters Income insurance for 4th installment transferred 1.34 million cases over 6 billion baht

March 5, 2021 1:36 a.m.

The police informs rubber planters across the country BAAC has transferred 1.34 million income insurance premium for rubber income year 2, period 4, with a budget of more than 6 billion baht, along with issuing additional measures to help rubber farmers continuously.

According to Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce (P.O.), following the farmer income insurance policy Helping farmers Both the main measures and the additional measures

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Today (March 4) Mrs. Mallika Boonmitrakul Mahasuk, Advisor to the Minister of Commerce, revealed that as for rubber farmers, Mr. Jurin pays attention to this issue. Therefore follow the policy and inform the rubber growers that For rubber income insurance, 2nd installment, 4th installment, knocking the median price, referring to February 22, 2021, the money has been transferred since February 26, 2021, now it has been notified by the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives or BAAC. The Senate said that 1.34 million farmers were able to successfully transfer money to a budget of 6,853.91 million baht, with a target of 1.83 million farmers with a budget of 9,717.99 million baht and the remaining budget of 2,864.08 million baht by the Rubber Authority of Thailand. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Will send information once a month If the price of rubber is very low The remaining money may not be enough to ask for more. But if the price of rubber increases, the rest of the budget is still fair.

Mr. Jurin to monitor the policy and report the progress of taking care of farmers. Because of this period, the farmers are paid the difference Because the committee announces the middle price referring to the sales under the income insurance scheme Rubber farmers Knock pay the fourth installment from the calculation of the reference price in February 2021 as follows: 1. Rubber sheets of good quality. The price of rubber insured income is 60.00 baht per kg. This period, the middle price, reference to the sale of 54.93 baht per kilogram. Will receive compensation 5.07 baht per kg 2. Fresh latex (DRC 100%) insurance rubber prices 57.00 baht per kg. This period, the median price is based on sales of 46.99 baht per kilogram. Will receive compensation 10.01 baht per kg and 3. Rubber cup lump (DRC 50%). The price of rubber insured income 23.00 baht per kg. The average price is based on sales of 20.54 baht per kilogram. Farmers will receive compensation at 2.46 baht per kg. Therefore, I would like to inform the rubber farmers to know about each other. And able to check their own accounts At the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives or BAAC

However, the rubber farmer income insurance program There are also 8 other parallel measures, one from the government, to raise prices, namely 1. Product entrepreneur credit support program. 2.Supporting working capital to farmers’ institutions for use in gathering 3. Farmers Institution Potential Development Project to Maintain Stability 4. The stock reserve project to stabilize the price of rubber or 51,000 tons of stock 5. Promote the use of rubber in government agencies. 6. Supporting credit as working capital for rubber business operators (dry rubber) 7. Supporting credit for working capital for rubber wood and product operators (20,000 million baht) and 8. Volume control target production of 400,000 rai.

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